Saturday, July 18, 2009

Parental Play Partners

Child development professionals claim that parental play partners can help children build confidence and self esteem during play with them. They claim that one of the biggest mistakes a parent can make is dominating the play. They say that using "information talk" is a great way to help a child put into words what he or she is feeling or thinking.
My questions are about what happens to a child's self talk when the parents dominate the play by using "information talk" that is a projection of the parents onto the child IE., "Honey, let me help you put into words what I AM thinking and feeling, and I want you to mistake these thoughts and feelings for your own. Since I am unable to be empathetic, I have no clue as to your thoughts and feelings. In order for you to maintain your symbiotic bond with me, you need to be a reflection of ME, not discover who you are. If you are not a mini-version of me, I will be forced to reject you.

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